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Orangery Craftsmanship


All our hardwood orangeries and conservatories are bespoke, made and constructed by highly skilled joiners who provide the finest in orangery craftsmanship in our joineries.

Our Team put a tremendous amount of time and care into the design and production of your Richmond Oak Orangery to ensure it exceeds your greatest aspirations. After our designer has carried out his initial site survey a 3D visual model will be produced for your consideration, from which an accurate costing will be calculated. Once you have approved the design and the post contract technical survey is carried out, if required we will prepare planning drawing and complete the Planning Permission on your behalf. When we have obtained planning consent, fully detailed CAD drawings will be produced for your approval, prior to manufacture. Where required, we will have acquired structural calculations from a qualified structural engineer which will be submitted to building control along with the construction details.

Back at the joinery, the timber will be carefully selected from the highest-grade European white oak and prepared for construction by our skilled craftsmen who will employ their years of experience to ensure all the frames and roof will be fabricated to our meticulous standards. While the frames are being manufactured, the builder will arrive on site to commence the ground works, excavate the footings and erect the brickwork to the drawings provided by Richmond Oak, which will ensure the frames and the building work match when they arrive on site.

When the joinery work is completed, it will be delivered to site and we will arrange for our team of experienced carpenters to commence erection of your orangery superstructure. Early on in the process they will need to lift the heavy structural beams into place, to hold the weight of your lantern, which is usually over 1000kg (1.1 tons) in weight. When the main beams are in place, the flat roof will be constructed using traditional joinery techniques and when the surface decking is in place, the roof covering material, usually Resitrix or Sarnafil, will be laid to ensure the roof will be 100% watertight.

It will now be ready for the roof lantern to be assembled and the glass fitted to the frames and roof. During this time, the electrician will return to carry out his 2nd fix and the plasterer will then plaster the ceiling and walls, then lay the floor screed ready for the under-floor heating to be laid by a specialist contractor.

Once the under-floor heating is down, the finished floor can be laid and the last finishing touches ready for your decorator to complete the painting of the ceiling and walls. Your Orangery is now ready for you to use and enjoy. Watch the faces of your guests when they go “Wow, who did you get this from?”

Our standards and Orangery craftsmanship is everything we say it is – and more!

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